About Lucy’s Work

My local environment, the Blue Mountains give me so much to work with, to observe, to experience, to paint. Such a range of imagery from the rocky escarpments, the grey-green bush land, the lush fernery of the forest floor, the random groomed clearing in the valley, the burnt and blackened banksia, the tall white gums, the vivid yellow of wattles,… Read more →

About Jutta’s work

Artist’s Reflection I am a newcomer to painting, the ‘baby’ among a group of accomplished painters. As little as three years ago I would have called myself a writer, channelling the complexities of my inner and outer world into words and sentences. Then, one day, standing in front of a small painting at the Art Gallery, awed and emotional to… Read more →

About Trish’s Work

Art has been Trish Samios’s passion from her early school days in the north east of England, where she won multiple awards and had her artworks exhibited outside the principal’s office! The years after school were taken up with travel adventures, emigration to Australia, marriage and motherhood, but Trish found time among this hectic life to make a modest living… Read more →

Blue Mountains Artists

We are a group of artists that meet regularly to explore new ideas, to challenge and expand our understanding of different media and techniques.  These meetings give us the opportunity to reflect on each others’ work in an atmosphere of support and goodwill.  We hope you like our work and would appreciate your comments. Read more →