About Trish’s Work

Art has been Trish Samios’s passion from her early school days in the north east of England, where she won multiple awards and had her artworks exhibited outside the principal’s office!

The years after school were taken up with travel adventures, emigration to Australia, marriage and motherhood, but Trish found time among this hectic life to make a modest living from drawing and painting, mainly of Greek homes and Australian milk bars in the 1980s.

Trish and her family moved from Sydney to the Blue Mountains where she hoped to continue her passion, but full-time work and community involvement took first place until, in recent years and encouraged by family, friends and her teacher artist John Ellison, Trish was inspired to pick up her passion once more. She formed an art group with fellow Mountains artists (listed on this site) and together they found the strength, support and confidence from each other to pursue their love of art.

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